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Mark Gross is the creative co-leader with Peggy Berryhill, KGUA's station manager, of our KGUA Writers group, a weekly hour-long broadcasted gathering of reflections from community members throughout the world since the Spring 2020.   Mark has provided us a creative outlet for our feelings, with the message that we are not alone in this world, that as humans we can understand and appreciate each others' stories.   Mark leads us with humor, encouragement, interesting prompts to reflect upon, and skills in technology, imagination, and human relations.   I look forward to our weekly sharing of the view from our windows, even if our windows are across the continent or the world.   Thank you, Mark, for providing us this opportunity.


David L. Stoloff, Professor, Education Department, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, Connecticut 




What They Are Saying:


"Mark’s talent stems from an insatiable curiosity for the human narrative. He has helped me skirt around the roadblocks and turn down the volume of my inner critic by guiding me in creating a space to explore my own story without expectations. Asking questions, then examining the patterns and themes that emerge allows a gentle and organic process to grow. He’s a great combination of patience, encouragement, and accountability."


Diana Baccaro, Owner, Rendezvous Hotel, Anchor Bay, CA




Mark's writing workshops are a really powerful way to work through difficult emotions that have been bottled up for years, even when you don't realize you have them. The workshops allow participants to really connect the dots between the past and present, while allowing for thoughtful resolution. Mark is a very compassionate, patient and caring human. He leads writing workshops and journaling activities with grace in an environment that does not allow for judgment. I highly recommend participating whether you enjoy creative writing or if you have some things you've been grappling with.


Micheline White, Mendonoma Health Alliance, Executive Director



I very enthusiastically recommend Mark’s "Write Up the Coast" workshop.   In two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday, I and five other participants were treated to Mark’s version of getting to the essence of our writing abilities.  In various exercises, prompted by a word or phrase and defined by a specific amount of time, Mark drew from us our stories, our feelings and our observations.  Mark doesn’t teach by book; Mark teaches by feel from a wealth of experience and the limited number of people in the group makes it possible for him to tailor his teaching to each individual.  Best of all, Mark is knowledgeable, supportive and motivating.  I started the class knowing that I could write.  I ended the class feeling that I was a writer.


Margery Enwisle, Write-Up-The-Coast Participant

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