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Write Up the Coast offers writing workshops for novice to novelist.  

The abrupt halting of face-to-face communication and story-sharing in March 2020 darkened venues, short-circuited microphones, and emptied family rooms. 

Stories had nowhere to go. Staying locked inside of us. Communication and sharing are silenced.

We tell ourselves, “I don’t know how or what to write.”  “I’ve always wanted to write.”  “I’m not good enough.” “I will be judged.”

Write Up the Coast uses an organic approach to each ‘class’  recognizing that individuals, often strangers,  bring different energies and similarities to the group making each workshop unique.

We will write together.  Encourage each other. Inspire each other. Discover our story. Read. Listen. Share thoughts.

And then…we write again!

One by one. Story by story.  We will ‘write up the coast” and beyond.  Building community, trust, and our own writing self-confidence. Communicating through spoken word and story-telling.

Join the Write Up the Coast community.

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